The Story

The Bunker in Georgia

The character of Dave in the book is a combination of four people, all real, but none of whom were involved with Morgan.

For me, the story started when Morgan called me from that basement in Georgia and asked, “Mother, is Uday something like E-Bay? Morgan did not pay much attention to things not directly effecting her.

The previous spring, while I was still renting an apartment for her in NY and she had not yet fled to the Bunker because of the attempt to kill her by John Fund, Rove, Cheney, and associates, she had put a Keylogger on Sidney Blumenthal's computer, sending along emails between Sid and his wife and the correspondence between Blumenthal and his editor. Blumenthal's book, “The Clinton Wars,” was then being written.

Blumenthal was, if you remember, Clinton's assistant and senior adviser.

This sounded illegal to me and I cautioned her. But she said it was payback because Blumenthal had had her computer hacked and stolen information from her about John Fund and others, also to be used in the aforementioned book.

Reading Sid's saccharine emails to his wife seemed little enough payback for what Sid had done to her. Digesting the manuscript going back and forth from Sid to his editor seemed like another form of punishment, actually. 

I finally shut up. If Robert Morgenthau, District Attorney in Manhattan, was not willing to prosecute Fund for having nearly battered her to death, maybe Morgan should have given Sid everything she had in the first place and so embarrassed him at least. But Sid, and Clinton, had refused to actually assist her in any way and she was doubly angry when she found what they had done.

It is impossible to stop Morgan. I knew this from experience. Morgan is disordered, but then the problem of sociopathy and psychopathy were not nearly as widely understood as they are today.

The disordered create chaos. But the chaos Morgan created was at least localized to her family and friends, originally. When she broadened her associations to others, who were also disordered, things got worse.

I only recognized the problem with Morgan this last year.  By then I  understood much more about what had been going on with attempts to bring about the War in Iraq and why Fund, Rove and Cheney were unhappy about Morgan's activities.

Back to U Day

No, Uday is not a form of E-Bay. Uday is the name of one of Saddam Hussein's sons. Why do you ask?” Since Morgan paid no attention to the mounting war cries from the administration I knew it had to be something serious for there to be a tone of worry in her voice.

The story tumbled out as I asked questions.

Morgan had been intercepting emails between Sidney and his son, Max, which were forwards from someone named Uday. She read them to me and sent one on to me, with the identifying origin. I sent this on to a friend who could tell us where the email to Max had originated. The word came back it had originated in the Emirates, and very well could have come from Baghdad.

The emails urged Saddam to stay in Iraq, saying Bush would not invade. Saddam expressed his willingness to be paid to leave.

Morgan kept reading these messages and the husband of the couple with whom she was staying also saw them. When Morgan decided to put a keylogger on Uday's computer this was accomplished by using the subject line, “Women without Veils,” the husband's idea. It worked, and reading the emails continued, but I did not ask for copies and none where sent to me.

I contacted a friend's husband who worked at the CIA and left the matter in Morgan's hands. She told me the FBI had gotten in touch with her and asked her to continue to monitor the correspondence and, using the keylogger she had installed, the computer in Baghdad.

When the bunker-buster hit Saddam's headquarters she said she saw the 'ping' move from Baghdad to FBI Headquarters in Virginia.

This began in November, 2002. After the bunker-buster incident we heard nothing more - but we knew they knew we knew. 

They went after both myself and Morgan.  

When I wrote this section of the book, less than two years later, much had changed.

There had been no release of information regarding the activities of Blumenthal and the Clintons in holding Saddam in Iraq. The War in Iraq was building. I had a horrible, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and it was much worse than I imagined it could be.  

Eventually, all things become clear.  Perhaps this is the End Times since, if memory serves me, these are characteristics of that long anticipated time. 

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